Group Members

Finlay Morrison – Group Leader



Jiyu Tian – PhD Student
“Optoelectronic Perovskite Materials”
(co-supervised 50% with Prof Eli Zysman-Colman)


Grant Howieson – PhD Student
“Novel Ferroic Oxides”

Hang Liu – PhD Student
“Defect Ordered Inorganic Halides”

Kerry McMahon – PhD Student
“Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Tetragonal Tungsten Bronzes”

Former Group Members

Dr Jonathan Gardner – PhD Student 2012-2016. Ferroelectricity in Empty Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Oxides”
PDRA 2017-19.


Dr Jason McNulty, PhD Student, 2015-18. “Structure-Property Relationships in Ferroelectric Tungsten Bronze Oxides”.
Jason is now a postdoctoral research fellow working for Professor Phil Lightfoot at the University of St Andrews.


Dr Andrei Rotaru, PhD Student, 2007-13. “Novel Polar Dielectrics with the Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Structure”.
In 2008, Andrei was awarded a prestigious Roberto Rocca Fellowship. Andrei is now a lecturer at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) Bucharest, Romania.


Dr Sarah Turp, PhD Student, 2009-13“Chemical Control of the Polymorphic Phase Boundaries in Doped Barium Titanate”. Sarah’s PhD was funded by the Scottish Funding Council/Chemical Sciences Scotland SPIRIT industrial studentship scheme.


Dr Chris Kavanagh, PhD student, 2009-13“Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships in Rare Earth Doped Bismuth Ferrite” (jointly supervised by Professor Phil Lightfoot). Chris is now working for an engineering and technology firm in the south of Wales.


Dr Sandra Reisinger, PhD student 2008-11. “Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships in Selected Metal Fluorides” (jointly supervised by Professor Phil Lightfoot). Sandra is now working for an engineering company in the Austrian alps.


Dr Donna Arnold, PDRA 2008-10. Donna is now Senior Lecturer in the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Her website can be found here



Honours Project Students

2020-21 Cameron Wight, Rebecca Clunie
2019-20 Kerry McMahon, Iain Sandison
2018-19 Daisy Clough
2017-18 Sally Allan, Jasmine Shah, Rachel Tonelli, Chao Dun Tan
2016-17 Ashleigh Waller, Joseph Wilson
2015-16 Carol Rodricks, Rebecca Smith
2014-15 Phil Ahrend, Becky Milliken, Angus Ritchie
2013-14 Ross Percy, Hepzibah (Eppie) Thompson
2012-13 Philip Miller
2011-12 Arran Gibson, Gabrielle Stann
2010-11 Lucy Cooper, Andrew Young
2009-10 Andrew Miller
2008-09 Nathan Hinks, Marc Parker
2007-08 Claire Adam, Laura Kohler
2006-07 Andrew Monteith

Visiting Students

2008 Magdalena Lozinska (Poland) – IAESTE programme. Magda returned to complete a PhD and PDRA position with Professor Paul Wright
2012-13 Gustavo Simões Cordeiro (Brazil) – Science without Borders
2013 Magda Stanczyk – IAESTE programme
2017 Maik Reinhardt – IAESTE programme

Nuffield UG Bursary Students:

2011 John-Michael Treanor

Nuffield Science Bursary Students:

2009 Jason McNulty
2010 Adam Bates-Gray
2010 James Tooze
2015 Arch Franchi